In todays technology and business there are no more borders.
Serverfield Taiwan Datacenter is your key role partner when it comes to reach business potential in Asia.


Serverfield was founded in 2015. Serverfield is already serving a lot of successful businesses which they have expanded their presence to Asia. If you wish to establish your business' existence in Asia, we are ready to take your business one step ahead. Serverfield can provide you the following services in Taichung, Taiwan Datacenter.

Quality and Information Security Policy

At Serverfield Taiwan Datacenter we have 2 basic priorities. Performance & Security
Our staff is monitoring the services on 24/7 basis to interfere for in case of any unwanted situation occurs on the network. While doing so, we also make sure we have the best and shortest route in order to get lowest latency and performance. We are having lots of spare server parts in case of any hardware failure, so we can replace the damaged part immediately to keep downtime as less possible.

As for the security, the datacenter is staffed 24/7 to maintain the security. Entries to the datacenter is registered by the security guards and all the activities carried out are monitored by CCTV's 24/7. By the side of this, we are also keeping the servers in Locked Cabinets, so we can make sure that no unauthorized access will occur. With all these security measurements, your business in safe hands with us here in Taiwan Datacenter.

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Our utmost priority is the customers data integrity and security. Your datas are safe in our well protected infrastructure.

24/7 Support

Our around-the-clock support team is always ready for your support requests and questions.

High Performance

Serverfield is using the latest hardwares to make sure customers get the best performance.

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